Phosphorus is part of the nuclei acid structure of plants, which regulates protein synthesis. It is also a vital component of DNA, and a critical part of the RNA; both structures are linked by phosphorous. The ATP component also requires Phosphorus to form its structure.

hydroponic root system

Stimulating Root and Plant Development

Phosphorus is used during photosynthesis and required to store and transport nutrients throughout the plant. Well developed roots can uptake more of the necessary nutrients required for proper plant growth and development. Plants with ample access to Phosphorus have a higher ability to resist disease due to the well-developed parts.


Supporting Healthy Crop Maturity

Phosphorus is crucial to plants maturing “at the right time”, by storing and transporting nutrients. Plants with a Phosphorus deficit take longer to mature and produce less fruits flowers, and seeds of poor quality.

dna vs rna diagram

Gene Formation and Development

DNA and RNA both require Phosphorus for their formation and development and cannot perform well without an availability of it. Without Phosphorus, genes cannot be transferred from one generation of plant to the next.

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